KiddyGuard Main Features

1- Can be fixed in or beside openings. Fittings included for mounting onto different surfaces.
2- Almost invisible when not in use. Leaves the way free with no trip hazard across the opening.
3- One-handed operation.
4- Cannot be used as a toy.
5- Clicking mechanism sounds when opening.
6- Certain standards are used when performing tests of safety barriers. This product complies with European Standard EN 1930:2000 and U.S. Safety Standard ASTMF 1004-00, which does not address products designed for use across window openings. 


KiddyGuard Oprolhekje Lascal.jpg 



Advice & Tips

1- KiddyGuard is a safety stairgate especially designed for kids up to 2 years of age.
2- KiddyGuard can be fitted to door or stair openings with openings between zero to 51 inches.
3- Never use the Kiddy Guard if any component is damaged or missing.
4- Do not allow adults, children or pets to climb over or under the safety barrier as it might damage the gate and cause accidents.
5- When the KiddyGuard is installed always check the barrier to make sure that it is properly fixed and secure.
6- The KiddyGuards general condition and safety mechanism should be checked periodically.
7- After closing KiddyGuard, always check that the gate is locked.
8- The KiddyGuard should not be subject to mechanical damage e.g. hitting it with sharp, hard objects or scratching from pets claws as this will cause damage.